We're a family (by marriage and just because) with a passion for adventure and the outdoors. Our travels have inspired us to bring the magic of nature to homes across the country in the form of candles poured by hand and with heart. 

 Ellie and Jack Tate

Ellie and Jack Tate

Lovers of both the mountains and the sea, Ellie and Jack hand-pour every candle in Brevard, North Carolina. When they’re not creating, labeling, and shipping, you can find them on the trail or near the water with their daughter, Rosie, and dog, Penny.

 Amber Adams Niven

Amber Adams

Amber is a poet, artist, and student of the stars. She helps keep our creative juices flowing. She lives in a cabin nestled in the woods of Marshall, NC, with her husband, Joshua Niven, and sweet children, River and Indie. 


Thank you for sharing your home, your sacred space, with us. We are forever grateful.