For people who feel a spiritual connection with nature, Elder & Co. is the brand of sensual natural elements for indoor environments. Elder & Co. provides inspiration and energy, so that you feel a sense of place, uplifting natural beauty, and a connection to the larger world. That’s because unlike fashion and style-centric brands, Elder & Co. infuses a passion and reverence for the outdoors into products, and recreates the feeling of being spiritually moved by nature.

Elder candle with map

“Burning an Elder & Co. candle creates a sense of nature’s spirituality and sanctuary in your home.”

Made in the USA

Elder & Co. candles are locally produced by hand in the Carolinas with 100% soy wax made from USA grown soybeans.  

Natural and Sustainable

We use natural fragrance oils and lead-free cotton wicks to create a pure candle burning experience. We use recycled shipping material whenever possible. Our brand is “reverent” of nature, and has the tone of slow, sustainable growth and evolution.

Supporting a Connection to the Natural World

The candles reflect the grandeur of our most treasured lands. The candle scents uplift you like nature does, and the scents are surrounded by spiritual messages, natural imagery, and elements of natural places/locations.

Family Owned and Operated

We are a small family operation, keeping people and place at the forefront of our business.

Charitable/Giving Back

Portion of proceeds go back to Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Understanding Candle/Fire as Ritual

The brand evokes a sense of reverence for forces of nature, through the product and the process. Gifting the product can become a ritual for others.